Wondering how to use Pinterest for business?

Over the last couple of weeks I have read everything and anything on Pinterest, the new craze, or so they say. It is funny how what is being said already highlights the differences of opinion.

This is my personal take on the matter.

Like with every single social media platform, what you want to achieve should determine how you use it and the information you are going to share through it.

Pinterest is a Lifestyle sharing tool. What it means is quite broad. Your lifestyle is who you are, what you enjoy doing, your center of interest, your hobby, your work, your passion, it is you really.

Pinterest is a virtual pin board. You collect information through the net that are relevant to all of the above and you pin images on a board adding personal notes.

Pinterest is a great traffic driver. In a very short time Pinterest placed itself in a great position in terms of driving traffic, driving more traffic than Google+.

Pinterest can very quickly become an amazing marketing tool. A good balance of self promotion as well as sharing others content is ok. Even if the purpose of Pinterest is not about pining your own content, I believe in sharing anything that you judge valuable to others, even if you are the owner of this content.

This website’s purpose for example is to help, support and educate anyone who wants to be in control of their online presence, from creating and maintaining a website to learning how to effectively drive traffic to it. I constantly research information around the skills I want to develop in the industry where I evolve. What if I started using Pinterest to share this with you as well as on this site?

Think about how you can deliver value using Pinterest. How you can attract the right crowd by curating valuable information for them, by showing them your values and beliefs in the content you pin, where your inspiration is coming from and what motivates you and makes you an expert.

In this blog I share what I learn and my personal journey. It is about taking you along on this journey and hopefully giving you the inspiration you need so that you do it too.
I am at the beginning of my journey with Pinterest for EasyTechClub and I am sharing my thoughts on this.

The boards that you will find will hopefully reflects who I am as a professional and most importantly will allow me to share resources that could potentially help you too.

If you want to start using Pinterest for business, I highly recommend that you take time to read the following resources. They are full of very informative tips to make the most of this new platform.

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What about you? Have you been using Pinterest for Business? Has it change the traffic to your site? has it helped in anyway?

Cybher 2012