FREE Printable – Weekly Planner for Self-Employed

I am a planner, a list maker, an organiser and I know I am not the only one, right? I know you lot are actually nodding right now.

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I am self employed running a business and a family. That can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. You think work projects combined with school and after school activities, renewal of fees, things to bring and others to buy and if you don’t plan properly here comes the high blood pressure.

This morning I decided to design a weekly planner that fits my lifestyle and that allows me to instantly get a real picture of the Home and Work aspect and how they fit with one another. And then I thought I would share it with you because if I need it then some of you might need it too.

Here is the thought behind it:

Each week you print it ideally before the week starts, Friday could be a good day.

On it you add all the meetings, appointments and deadlines that you have that week for both your Home/Personal and Work environment. Next to it you will find a place to list your top ongoing projects, then move on further and you write down the 3 top priority goals you have to achieve this week, followed by a To Do list of general things that pop into your mind as you go along.

Does it make sense? What I like about it is that it forces you to look ahead of what’s coming and make sure you are prepared.

To download you just need to pop your details in the form below and after confirmation you will receive the link to download the document.

The reason I am doing it this way is that I intend to create more printable designed to help you achieve your goals and feel and be in control of everything. By giving me your details you agree to receive other printables via email that you might find useful and along with that any news that I feel you would want to hear from me. You will be able to opt out at anytime if you wish to and I promise to never share your details with anyone.

The printables you will keep on receiving will be designed to help you focus on the important stuff and to free up some time for you and without guilt!

Going from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – The verdict


Today marks the end of the second week I have been using my new Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Verdict? Well I haven’t missed my iPhone, not even a bit.

Shall we start with the not so cool bit and get it out of the way? Ok well it is a big phone, a very [...]

The magical land of Google+

Last Tuesday morning, I was heading to a meeting at the Google offices in London or Disneyland for Geeks!

Google+ is a territory I haven’t yet explored fully and this was the occasion to meet up with Rosie their newly appointed Community Manager to discuss the countless possibilities G+ has to offer not only on [...]

iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

I am currently debating on whether to swap my iPhone4 for a Galaxy Note2 or an iPhone5. I change my mind everyday.

I am truly an Apple adept. iPod, iPad, iPhones, iMac… It feels like a huge step to move away from Apple.

But… There’s the Galaxy Note 2 with its beautiful crisp large [...]

Easy Peasy Collages with PicMonkey

PicMonkey2 Collage

Photo collages are a great way to showcase beautiful photos, illustrate a story or see different angles of an object for example. Personally, I am a big fan of photo collages.

I mentioned it during my Cybher session and I wanted to show you a very easy, free way to make beautiful collages to illustrate [...]

Create a text overlay on images with Gimp

Photo 15-05-2012 08 56 10

Following yesterday’s tutorials on adding a watermark with Gimp, I wanted to show you how to add a text overlay to your images like this one.

1- Open an image in Gimp

2 – Add a layer (choose the colour of the layer that suits you)

3- Set the opacity of [...]

How to watermark your photos with Gimp

One question I was asked at Cybher conference was “How do I watermark my images with Gimp?”

Here is how…

1- Open your photo in Gimp

2 – In Toolbox select the box with the “A” (if you can’t see your toolbox, look here for instructions on how to open it [...]

Gimp – Locate the Toolbox and Layer Box if they have disappeared

Screen shot 2012-05-15 at 12.05.09

Sometime you might lose the toolbox or the layer box in Gimp.

To open them again, hover over “Windows” and you will find them in the drop down menu.



CybHer 12, it’s tomorrow!

CH_Speaker badge_rounded

I am feeling excitement with a touch of anxiety.

I am excited because Cybher is one of those conferences that makes me want to jump up and down with a squeal. Imagine the people waiting for Harrods to open its doors on the first day of sales. Imagine their bodies pressurised against the doors about [...]

Cybher, let’s meet and greet

This video is for the Cybher meet and greet over at Sian’s blog and I decided to do a video just because.

So here you go, I think it covers pretty much what it should be covering including height and hair colour…


Are you new to Social Media? Or maybe not sure what to do with it? Then get access to your FREE video now! 

Cybher 2012

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